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The world is becoming more connected as people relocate to new cities – locally and internationally – and interact with individuals from different nationalities and cultures as neighbors, work colleagues, and fellow students in school. With this increased migration comes the need to nurture communities that are welcoming to newcomers and offer everyone a sense of belonging.  

At IINE, we believe an important step in the art of welcoming begins with storytelling. Our Suitcase Stories Circle is an online platform that introduces members to people from diverse nationalities and their unique stories, as well as resources for fostering inclusive communities. The online platform is an extension of IINE’s suite of Suitcase Stories programming for communities, universities, schools and businesses.  

And so, Suitcase Stories is expanding our online platform to feature a range of interactive experiences for monthly subscribers, including storyteller interviews, new video and audio releases,  education and discussion resources, and more.  We are very excited to grow our online community and you are invited to be part of it!

Membership Benefits

  • Access to Suitcase Stories video content and resources 
  • Virtual conversations and online gatherings with storytellers 
  • Invitations to member-only storytelling workshops and special events
  • Special updates on other IINE programs
  • Pre-release insider info about upcoming live Suitcase Stories shows 
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Your subscription purchase is your ticket to this Suitcase Stories platform, and supports the International Institute of New England in creating opportunities for refugees and immigrants to succeed through resettlement, education, career advancement and pathways to citizenship.

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